Sailing in Newport – Why you should go


 Here are Four Reasons you should go sailing 


1. Being on a boat increases your sense of freedom:

You’ve made it all the way to Newport – congratulations! Now let’s see if you can go a bit further. While touring the mansions or strolling downtown is not to be missed, take an afternoon sail with a sporty breeze or a relaxing sunset sail and let your worries recede like the setting sun. And best of all – you won’t get seasick. Seasickness is generally caused by the erratic motion of a boat. We sail in protected waters and promise you won’t get seasick.




2. Sailing gives you space from the built environment:

Our everyday reality is filled with the sounds of traffic, alarms, and notifications -letting us know that civilization is all around us. Having a brief respite from the world can increase our focus and sense of calm. Research has shown that being near, in, on, or under water can lower stress, increase our sense of well-being and boost creativity.



3. Sailing lets you engage with nature and history

Since its founding in 1639, Newporters have taken advantage of their city’s seaside location by using sailing for trade, pleasure, sport, and business. There’s very little that can beat the sensation of when the engine gets turned off and the wind fills the sails. Narragansett Bay is blessed to have some of the most reliable winds in the world – it’s what made Newport such a hub for sailing for hundreds of years. Take a sail and experience for yourself – witness Fort Adams, Clingstone (“the house on the rock”), Hammersmith Farm, and more. You can’t get this experience on land!





Things to do in Newport sailing4. Newport is one of the best places to sail in the world

Newport is the sailing capital of the world and many consider it the prettiest harbor in America. There are always amazing boats to see from the New York Yacht Club, the Ida Lewis Yacht Club, the Newport Yacht Club, or even Sail Newport. For over 50 years, the most coveted sailing race in the world was held here, the America’s Cup.  Despite the loss of the America’s Cup in 1983 to Australia, Newport Harbor is busier than ever with large and small sailing boats alike.  We could give you plenty of other reasons why going sailing in Newport is so great. The small tidal range, the deep bay, the restaurant and travel tips our staff can give you and more.


So come for a sail in Newport.  You’ll be glad you did!