Nine Romantic Wedding Photo Spots in Newport, RI Aboard the Aquidneck

Romantic Wedding Photo Spots in Newport, RI


Newport is home to abundant, gorgeous, historic sites and landmarks that make a perfect, romantic backdrop for your wedding photos as you travel in style and comfort with your guests or wedding party. Your wedding day may race by in a blur, but you can remember the experience of sailing Newport Harbor and capture iconic, elegant images that will last forever!


Our 80-foot schooner Aquidneck is the perfect boat for small weddings, engagement parties, or pre- and post-wedding fun with family and close friends. Able to seat up to 49 guests, you’ll get ample time to mingle and connect while still capturing stunning wedding or engagement photos. And if you have a smaller group, Sightsailer is available for parties of 13 or less.


Here are the top nine romantic wedding photo spots while you sail Newport Harbor and Narragansett Bay aboard Aquidneck:


Castle Hill Lighthouse: Completed in 1890 at the westernmost tip of Newport on Aquidneck Island,  Castle Hill lighthouse is one of the most recognizable images from Newport Harbor. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is as timeless as anything we can think of!


Rose Island: This 18.5 acre island, virtually undeveloped, is a former Navy torpedo station from WWs I and II. From aboard the Aquidneck, you’ll have a perfect view of the Rose Island Lighthouse with panoramic views of the iconic Newport-Pell Bridge in the background. Epic!


Clingstone: Also known as “the house on the rock,” Clingstone sits atop a miniature island just off the coast of Jamestown. Built in 1905, the three-story, 23-room, 10,000 square foot “cottage” is filled with incredible stories. It’s an incredible  place, with, according to the article, “a deep, bohemian funk.”


Newport Harbor: Arguably the sailing capital of the world and one of America’s prettiest harbors. A photo backdrop of world famous boats and super size yachts awaits. And don’t forget the sparkling lights of Newport’s bustling wharves, its picturesque New England landscapes, and its beautifully preserved Colonial and Victorian homes.


Newport-Pell Bridge: The graceful arc and beautiful lights of the Newport-Pell Bridge (stretching from Jamestown to Newport across Narragansett Bay) are as powerful as they are distinctive. Capture your special day with an image of this iconic suspension bridge or see the necklace lighting come on at dusk!


Ida Lewis Yacht Club and the New York Yacht Club: Calling all sailors! Create distinctive wedding photos with shots of these two historical structures that are steeped in the nautical traditions of Newport, RI.


Beacon Rock: Tucked in Brenton Cove, high on a bluff near Fort Adams State Park, this mansion was dubbed “The Acropolis of Newport” when it was completed in 1891. Brenton Cove is one of the prettiest places in all of Newport Harbor.


Incredible sunsets: From virtually any vantage point as you sail Newport Harbor, your wedding photos can feature the spectacular backdrop of the setting sun.


Dockside: Prefer to stay in one place? Being on a huge sailing boat is pretty awesome in itself, and some couples opt to party on the boat right at the dock at Bowen’s Wharf in the heart of downtown Newport. Hey, you’re on a boat!


Whether your wedding party sails or stays dockside, Sightsailing of Newport maintains a webcam on our website. Guests who are unable to attend in person can check in on the festivities and take screen shots to memorialize the event. The couple can even schedule a time to wave at far-away friends and family, who may view the webcam live on their PC or Mac desktop. Mobile viewers will see a still photo which updates about every 15 seconds.


Based on time of day, season, and weather, your USCG licensed captain will be able to help you plot a course to take advantage of your favorite sites and capture gorgeous wedding photos while making wonderful memories of your special day or event.


Happy sailing!

The Sightsailing Team