Private Charters

Bachelorette & Bachelor Parties

Planning a bachelorette party in Newport for the bride to be?  Consider hosting a Newport bachelorette party by going sailing in Newport, the sailing capital of the country.   We host hundreds of bachelorette and bachelor parties aboard our boats every season. They offer a fun, unique and memorable experience for all.

Private charters on Sightsailer or Starlight are the most popular choices for both bachelorette and bachelor parties.  A private charter means that you’re renting the entire boat for just your party.   On private charters, we allow you to bring food and drink play music, relax, and chart your own course.

Sightsailer sails with a maximum of 13 guests, while Starlight sails with a maximum of 6. Sightsailer costs $540 for a private 1.5 hour charter or $595 at sunset, while Starlight costs $285 for a private 2 hour charter.  Groups larger than 13 but smaller than 24 may join a public sail on Aquidneck on a per person basis or may to choose to charter Aquidneck for a private sail.

Other than having the entire boat to just your party, the big difference between public sails vs. private charters is that on private charters you can have food or drinks, listen to music,  etc.

On public sails, no large or roll-on coolers, platters of food or personal music players are permitted and since it’s a public sail, no party props are permitted.  You need to keep the lid on it.  We don’t want little Ms. Cupcake and her mother to be offended or annoyed by any shenanigans.

See more details on each boat in the Our Fleet section and their scheduled sailing times on the Schedule & Rates page.  See the FAQ’s for more food and drink info and answers to many frequently asked questions.  To check a specific date and time, fill out our inquiry form or call (401) 619-0202 for booking.

Private Charter Inquiries

How would you prefer to be contacted?

  Starlight Sightsailer Aquidneck
Maximum # of guests 6 13 49
Sail Length 2 hours 1.5 hours 1.75 hours
Price $285 $540/$595 sunset Email or call for pricing

If your group exceeds 9 guests, we require that your privately charter Sightsailer.  Otherwise, your group can start to overwhelm other guests on board who are not part of your group.  If your group exceeds 24, we require that you charter Aquidneck.  Other than having the boat to yourselves, a Private Charter also allows you to arrange to have food and drink on board, listen to your own music, etc.

After you determine which boat fits your group, look at that boat's departure schedule in the Schedules & Rates  section and choose one of the boat's scheduled departures as your private charter departure time.

Two hour Private Charters aboard Starlight may be booked online.  If you have questions or  would like to check availability  for a Private Charter on Sightsailer or Aquidneck please fill out the inquiry form to the right. To make a private charter reservation for Sightsailer, call (401) 619-0202, for Aquidneck, contact John Hirschler at (401) 862-4718.

For more information on each specific vessel see Our Fleet.

For information and questions about weather, cancellations, food & drink and other policies see our FAQ page.

*Please note that boat capacity numbers are determined by the Coast Guard and cannot be exceeded under any circumstance.  The Coast Guard considers every human being on the boat to be a person regardless of age, so an infant counts the same as an adult in the total guest count.

“Hands down the highlight of our time in Newport”

C. Smith, Boston MA. -TripAdvisor